No Router !!! Create a Wifi Hotspot with your Dell Inspiron Laptop

I don’t have a wireless router and just got broadband connection. Now I have two PC to access internet, one is mine and other one is of my sister (you know how little sister are, we have to share everything). So I searched on the net for solution and came to know that the DELL laptop has a wireless adaptor intel IC in it. This adapter is used for Bluetooth, wifi connection.

I knew that they can only connect the internet in our network. But on reading more, I figured it can create/share Network through Hotspot.

To make your Dell laptop a wifi hotspot in Windows 7 simply follow the below steps.

Step 1: Click on start button and type Manage wireless networks in search and select Managewireless networks from search results.




Step 2: Add a wireless network by clicking on Add button.


Step 3: Now click on Create an ad hoc network.hotspot2

Step 4: Now an instruction window will open to tell you about an ad hoc network, now click on next button.


Step 5: Now give your wifi network a name and i gave it geek hoc, and select the option of  WPA2-Personal and after that provide a Security Key.


Step 6: Wait until your desired network is created successfully.


Now your network is successfully created and ready to use.


Step 7: Now you can see geek hoc in your wireless networks list, and it will show a message Waiting for Users next to it.


Step 8: Now turn on your laptop on which you want to run this ad hoc network. You will be able to see geek hoc in your networks list and connect to it now. Your internet is now active without any wireless router. Share this tip with your friends, have fun.


Creating Shortcut 

Do you think typing a command for starting/Stopping the WiFi Hotspot is a time dependent?

OK, i’m going to show you one trick so that you can Start/Stop your WiFi Hotspot in a single click.

Step 1:

Desktop -> Right click -> New -> Shortcut


Step 2:

Type the command ” C:\Windows\System32\netsh.exe wlan start hostednetwork ” on the shortcut and click on Next.


Rename it as “Start WiFi” and click finish.


Stop WiFi:

  • Type the command ” C:\Windows\System32\netsh.exe wlan stop hostednetwork ” on the Shortcut and Rename it as “Stop Wi-Fi” and finish.





Remane it


Desktop Shortcut view



You are done with creating your WiFi Hotspot. You can now use the new shortcuts whenever you wish to use your Wifi Hotspot.


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6 Responses to No Router !!! Create a Wifi Hotspot with your Dell Inspiron Laptop

  1. SwapnilKatre says:

    I did tried this but it didn’t work for me. there was a wireless hardware unidentified error at the last step.

    After reconfiguring i was able to create a hotspot. but there was no internet sharing on it.

  2. vishwa sarathy says:

    The information is clear

  3. shubham says:

    how can i do it in windows 8

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